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Folk Literature

ISSN 0540-1151 
Organizer: zhong guo min jian wen yi jia xie hui  
Publisher: min jian wen bian ji bu xue  
Description: Literary journals. To collect, classify, study folk culture, to promote the development of folk literature, a rich cultural life for the purpose of active people. "Folk Literature" magazine was launched in September 1955. Charge is CFLAC, China Folk Literature and Art Association's central literary magazines story. Title eminent literary and art circles of Chinese literature written by Mr. Guo Moruo. "Folk Literature" published in full of the flavor of the times, people living close to new stories and non-traditional story-based, with a strong story line, readable and interesting. Columns are: Street talk about Gossip, human hundred elephants, city stories, village stories, shopping stories, under the moon about the ancient, Jinguchuanqi, fox ghost stories.  (Translated by machine.)