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Children Literature

ISSN 0257-6562 
Organizer: zhong guo shao nian er tong chu ban she  
Publisher: er tong wen xue xuan zuo bian ji bu  
Description: "Children's Literature" in 1963 by the Chinese Writers Association and co-founder of the CYL Central Committee, hailed as the first Chinese Journal of Children's Literature. Do not think that readers of this magazine is for children. She is suitable for 9-99 years old can read.   "Children's Literature" is a literary enthusiasts friends. Whether you are studying in primary school, high school students, college students, but also middle-aged professional people, or almost, talking about his literary guide, afraid no one will think of this magazine    "Children's Literature" The biggest advantage is to create a literary environment easily and deeply, giving the reader a wealth of imagination, allows the reader to a calm state of mind in some perception of social life. Readers also said, "Children's Literature," led the literature lovers of literature climb the mountain from here. If you are interested in literature, if you want to be a writer of children's literature, then please join to read, "Children's Literature" ranks right readers. Even if you're just an ordinary leisure magazine's readers, read "Children's Literature" is also cause you to lose a day's feelings of tension, people naturally remember going to forget about many childhood memories! Into the "children's literature," and you seem to stay away from the noise, came to the colorful world, where you can read novels, tours prose, poetry back to see fairy tales, learning English. You not only feel the charm of the language, more insights on life. Perhaps the dream of youth, flying here, and perhaps troubled youth suddenly here, and perhaps the joy of youth, the waves here. 5 of each month, it will take a bunch of bitter and beautiful story of ups and text waiting for you, hold its hand, it will not let you down.  (Translated by machine.)