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Journal of Chongqing Teachers College

ISSN 1008-6501 
Organizer: zhong qing shi fan gao deng zhuan ke xue xiao  
Publisher: zhong qing shi zhuan xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: "Chongqing University (Natural Science) is sponsored by the Western Chongqing, Chongqing Municipal Education Commission in charge of the integrated natural science journals. Teachers and researchers in the main audience, to mathematics, physics, chemistry, chemical engineering, environmental science, computer science, mechanical engineering, electrical and electronics, sports, history of science and innovative ideas in areas such as academic papers published as the main object; in Mathematics , physics and related disciplines for the character, and in particular to offer basic education research section, published in high-quality secondary school science research articles. "Chongqing University (Natural Science) and the socialist direction of running the party's basic line, advocacy of the party and state policies, in order to promote scientific and technological development and social progress, for the prosperity of socialist culture and economic construction ; actively involved in academic exchanges, promote technological development, prosperity research, integrate theory with practice, and strive to improve academic standards for teaching, research services, discovering and developing talent; strict implementation of national publishing laws and regulations and national standards and norms, focus, progressively expand, keep making progress, innovation, based WESTERN, for the whole country and abroad, of the principle. "Chongqing University (Natural Science) Since it began, has always put quality first, adhere to the academic level of the paper. Since 2001 to have been "Chinese Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Database", "Chinese Journal Full-text database", "Articles - Digital Periodicals", "China's core journals (selection) Database", "China Journal" "China Academic Journal (CD)" and "Chinese Science and Technology Periodical Database" contains text, and won the first "CAJ-CD specification," Executive Excellence Award. (Translated by machine.)