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Chinese and Foreign Military TV and Films

ISSN 1007-5305 
Organizer: ba yi dian ying zhi pian chang  
Publisher: zhong wai jun shi ying shi bian ji bu  
Description: Comprehensive monthly. Movie Review features military, both entertaining and spectacular. Both the biggest names in the military, Star Camp, veteran files, fashion stars such as file part commandos, some theoretical front, video high ground, theaters open, the behind the scenes strategist, the military class part of speech such as film, then, there are introduced abroad from all angles Latest Television News of the Silver Sea military cruisers, blue helmet units, horses Bosch cinema, the era of new weapons, 86 Review of intelligence and information stations, class section, and the film introduces a variety of domestic and international television screens arsenal of weapons such as columns, audience for the professional film and television workers, soldiers, young students and the general movie and military enthusiasts.  (Translated by machine.)