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Today Hubei(Theory Edition)

ISSN 1008-5807 
Organizer: hu bei sheng xin wen gong zuo zhe xie hui  
Publisher: jin ri hu bei bian ji bu  
Description: "Today, Hubei" in Hubei Province is the only large-scale comprehensive current affairs magazine, the Journalist Association of Hubei Province (Hubei Provincial Journalists Association) organized in charge, is a comprehensive description of Hubei's political, economic, cultural, history, science, education, folk customs Folklore is a large comprehensive monthly outreach is a window of Hubei Province, authoritative, current affairs, comprehensive and foreign nature. Magazine full-color printing, domestic and foreign public offering, the province has covered all levels of party and government organs, enterprises and the central ministries, other provinces in the country, and the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia and more than 40 countries and regions, deep by leaders at all levels of readers at home and abroad to wide acclaim. Department of Hubei Province, Hubei Province, Press Club Journalists Association (Hubei Journalists Association) affiliated institutions, is mainly responsible for the province's news editors and reporters of friendship, communication, training and other activities in the planning, organization, implementation and so on. (Translated by machine.)