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China Modern Medical & Clinical

ISSN 1812-5859 
Organizer: guo ji zhong hua ming yi xie hui zhong hua guo ji chu ban ji tuan  
Publisher: zhong hua xian dai yi xue yu lin chuang bian ji bu  
Description: "Modern Chinese Medicine and Clinical" magazine by the International Association of Chinese doctors and the China International Publishing Group organized an international, comprehensive, academic medical journals, Journal of International Series of publications for the core journals, Science and Technology, "Chinese Science and Technology Periodical Database," Statistics source journals. Magazine was a monthly magazine issued by the China International Publishing Group. The purpose of the magazine is a comprehensive display of medical workers at all levels of its research and clinical experience to provide a platform for mutual exchange, promotion of new medical technologies, new experiences, and promote the development of medical and health services.  (Translated by machine.)