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Chinese Modern Education

ISSN 1811-3907 
Organizer: zhong hua ke xue ji shu chu ban she  
Publisher: zhong hua xian dai jiao yu bian ji bu  
Description: "Chinese modern education" (monthly) magazine is sponsored by the Chinese Science and Technology Press, Beijing, cultural and educational center of Confucian Institute in collaboration with international public offerings for a comprehensive academic journal, ISSN ISSN 1811-3907, CN 72-2011 / G4, input text approved by the national Press and Publication General Administration of the first large comprehensive bibliographic database, "Journal of Chinese science and technology databases." This publication is the education, teaching, science and technology workers and college students as the main medium and large audience, mainly reports of education, teaching, academic achievements, published papers for teachers, promotion, promotion opens up a vast space; introduction of education and teaching Past, Present, theory and techniques for education, teaching, scientific and technological workers in the garden to provide a learning exchange.  (Translated by machine.)