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Journal of Chinese Modern Nursing

ISSN 1681-5122 
Organizer: zhong hua lin chuang yi yao xue hui  
Publisher: zhong hua xian dai hu li xue za zhi bian ji bu  
Description: "Journal of Modern Nursing" sponsored by the Chinese Institute of Clinical Medicine in international academic journals, has been Chinese Medical Periodical Literature Database (CMCC), Chinese Science and Technology Periodical Database, the Chinese chief medical net included, you can network in the Chinese Chief Medical (www.shouxi.net) Free View publication of the contents of all documents. Domestic and foreign readers can read the magazine online for free full text. Articles implement the Party and state health policies, reflecting the work of nursing significant progress in clinical research, nursing home and abroad to promote academic exchanges, research published in the field of nursing and clinical experience, technological improvements, as well as a guide for clinical nursing expert comments, and so on. Mission: publication aims to reflect the domestic and international nursing research, nursing academic exchanges to promote and improve the level of care and clinical applications. While promoting research and concerns the development of modern nursing. Main sections: on the, review, nursing research, rehabilitation care, specialist care, traditional care, basic care, case nursing care and education, investigation, care management, community care, mental health, mental health, health education, continuing education, international exchange , experience and innovation and so on.  (Translated by machine.)