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Journal of Chinese Modern Pediatrics

ISSN 1681-5459 
Organizer: zhong hua lin chuang yi yao xue hui  
Publisher: zhong hua xian dai er ke xue za zhi bian ji bu  
Description: "Chinese Modern Pediatrics," organized by the China Institute of Clinical Medicine Pediatrics international academic journals. A bimonthly publication with ISSN standard serial, ISSN 1681-5459, publication by Chinese Medical Periodical Literature Database (CMCC), China Medical Citation Database (CMCI), Chinese Science and Technology Periodical Database, the Chinese chief medical network included, domestic and foreign readers are in the Chinese Chief Medical Network (www.shouxi.net) free reading magazines full text. Articles implement the policy of the party and state health policy, reflecting the work of pediatric significant progress in clinical research, and promote international academic exchanges of Pediatrics, published in the field of pediatric research and clinical experience, academic research, technical improvements and a pediatric clinic guidance commentators. Mission: The purpose is to reflect the publication of scientific research children at home and abroad, and promote academic exchanges pediatrics, pediatric applications to improve the clinical level. The journal publishes short period, free of charge reviewers, the paper published papers issued certificates. Provincial / ministerial level department of scientific research papers funded project priority listing. We welcome submissions. Main sections: monographs, review and lectures, clinical research, clinical, pharmaceutical and clinical, experience sharing, investigation and analysis, case reports, pediatric care, preventive care, misdiagnosis, hospital management and other columns contents: including pediatric physiology, pediatric pathology , pediatric immunization, pediatric basic gene therapy research and neonatal pediatric and neonatal diseases, genetic diseases in children, pediatric epidemic and infectious diseases, immune deficiency and allergic diseases, connective tissue diseases, tumors and other pediatric and child clinical medicine aspects, and include pediatric nutrition and health care, Chinese medicine and combination therapy pediatric-related content. And for basic and clinical research in pediatric difficulties, thematic discussion on hot issues. (Translated by machine.)