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Chinese Journal of Clinical Practical Medicine

ISSN 1729-5386 
Organizer: guo ji zhong hua ming yi xie hui  
Publisher: zhong hua lin chuang yi xue za zhi bian ji bu  
Description: "Foreign Clinical Medicine" (monthly) by the International Institute of Chinese doctors sponsored clinical specialty journals. International Standard Serial Number ISSN 1502-6311 Issues of national unity CN 46-3099 / R. Respectively of the better known medical experts the Editor, review of medical Yan Shen core journals. To engage in the medical clinic, medical researchers targeted to the professional reporting of clinical medicine research and clinical experience as the main content, as well as a guide in clinical nursing research nursing theory, is to introduce the latest developments at home and abroad a comprehensive medical of international medical journals, more than at home and abroad and a library full-text journals included in the database. Implement the theory and practice of combining popularization with the raising of Publication, highlighting scientific, innovative and practical, followed by international medical trends, to track the medical hot, innovative, and timely reflect the basis of the medical field, clinical, research significant progress, and actively promote academic exchanges in the medical field and academic development. Is the medical profession and the community an important channel for exchange of information is the national medical community to conduct academic exchanges, learn from experience, important platform for medicine.  (Translated by machine.)