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Chinese Journal of Current Practical Medicine

ISSN 1726-619X 
Organizer: guo ji zhong hua ming yi xie hui zhong hua cheng gong zhe yan jiu hui  
Publisher: zhong guo xian dai shi yong yi xue za zhi bian ji bu  
Description: Journal papers published to expand the capacity and shorten the cycle of papers published, and enhance aging, increase the amount of information, to further implement the purpose of the magazine to better serve authors and readers services. Approval by higher authorities, starting in January 2004 changed the fortnightly, monthly publication of 15,28 days. In order to achieve increased aging, a wealth of information, expand capacity, strengthen academic exchanges, promote technological innovation purposes. Modern technology to enrich the practical, clinical experience, dedication to the readers, for the majority of published papers to provide a wider space. Publication of good faith for the service, to serve the readers. (Translated by machine.)