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Chinese Journal of Clinical Medicine

ISSN 1726-8648 
Organizer: guo ji zhong hua ming yi xie hui zhong hua guo ji chu ban ji tuan zhong hua zhong xi yi xue hui  
Publisher: zhong guo xian dai lin chuang yi xue bian ji bu  
Description: "Journal of Modern Clinical Medicine" is sponsored by the Chinese Institute of Clinical Medicine in a comprehensive, international medical journals, ISSN: ISSN 1726-7587 is a fortnightly, has been the U.S. magazine Chemical Abstracts (CA), Index Copernicus, Polish, Chinese Journal of Biomedical Literature Database (CMCC), China's chief medical network (www.shouxi.net) and other domestic and international variety of authoritative database. Be issued after the publication hired presentations, are available on the above database search. (Translated by machine.)