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Culture & Art of China

ISSN 1007-8932 
Organizer: zhong guo wen xue yi shu jie lian he hui  
Publisher: zhong guo wen yi jia za zhi she  
Description: Chinese Literature and Art "magazine in 1954, one of the new famous publications. Articles foresight, comprehensive and carefully focused man of literary and art circles, reflecting the literary and artistic family living state behavior, tracing literary and art circles of hot events and interpreting a variety of cultural phenomena, focus on various literary trends; promoting positive values, to make their full of sound critical spirit. Scope to all the journal literature, drama, music, art, calligraphy, film, television, acrobatics and folk arts have a certain success in all areas and ethnic Chinese people with a certain impact. We will adhere to the objective, rational, the characters, reflect on the events described, will do no kitsch, no hype, no hearsay evidence. We have to be rich critical spirit, the characters, events, judgments and criticism, will do no cliques, no resentment, no grandstanding. "Chinese Literature and Art" Person of the Year Focus on art, literature and art follow hot events, to show art colorful world of art to lead the latest trends. Large field of vision, generous, high-capacity, large style, one in hand, holography has.  (Translated by machine.)