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Chinese JOurnal of Health Informatics and Manageme

ISSN 1672-5166 
Organizer: wei sheng bu tong ji xin xi zhong xin  
Publisher: zhong guo wei sheng xin xi guan li za zhi bian ji bu  
Description: "Chinese Health Information Management Journal" (Chinese Journal of Health Informatics and Management) is a National Science and Technology, the State Press and Publication Administration was founded in July 2003 approved the first health information to focus research and application field of comprehensive science and technology journals. Director of the magazine by the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Health Health Statistics Information Center, domestic and foreign public offering. Journal of the Chinese Standard Serial Number: ISSN 1672-5166 (International Standard Serial Number), CN 11-5120 / R (domestic unified ISSN), scheduled for February 2004 was published the first issue.  (Translated by machine.)