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China Collections

ISSN 1009-5861 
Organizer: zhong guo shang bao she  
Publisher: zhong guo shou cang bian ji bu  
Description: "China Collection" magazine founded in January 2001. Journal sponsored by the China Business Daily, the Chinese collection of magazine publishing, domestic Youfadaihao :2-688. International Standard Serial Number: ISSN1009, national unity ISSN: CN11-4502/GO. Magazine Address: Xuanwu District, at Temple, postal code: 100053. Contact Phone :010 -63180633 ,010 -63045021, 63173603. "China Collection" magazine is currently the only area of private collections to a national issue. Since founded in 2000, based on the field of private collections, play the national collection of forces to promote the development of Chinese folk collection mission, taking into account information, knowledge, practical and participatory, popular national collectors, the auction industry as well as museums and cultural sector love, has become the most popular authoritarian country collectors journal. "China Collection" magazine 100 full-color printing, design elegance, beautifully printed. Is divided into "concern" and "Collection", "market" and "interactive" the four sections, including focusing the world, brilliant essence of collectors on the Road, Eliot discipline strategies, folk customs, Tibetan friends to introduce ourselves to the valuation collections and a number of excellent columns, as throughout the country as well as Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other countries and regions, the spirit of collectors regular monthly dinner. In addition, "Chinese Favorites" magazine has extensive contacts throughout the country collection organizations, collectors and collectors, and the establishment of a "Chinese Favorites" personal database, private possession of Journal of the database. "China Collection" personal database has received thousands of members who have collected all kinds of people s collection of Tibetan organizations, thousands of enthusiasts founded the newspaper, held on the basis of the exchange, seminars, trade exhibitions, competitions and other activities are wide acclaim.  (Translated by machine.)