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China Petrochem

ISSN 1009-1718 
Organizer: zhong guo shi you tian ran qi ji tuan gong si zhong guo shi you hua gong ji tuan gong si zhong guo hai yang shi you zong gong si  
Description: Always adhering to the highest quality publication, readers supreme, service oriented objectives, to promote China's sustained and stable development of petroleum and petrochemical industry as any to big oil, big ideas, big view, big way degree as the goal, a profound analysis of petroleum and petrochemical industries doubt, difficulty, focus, hot issues, the authority released the major policies of petroleum and petrochemical, petroleum and petrochemical industry-wide dissemination of the dynamic, in-depth coverage of major domestic and international industry events, vividly show the presence of petroleum and petrochemical companies. (Translated by machine.)