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China Top Brands

ISSN 1004-9525 
Organizer: xin hua tong xun she gong gao zhong xin  
Publisher: zhong guo ming pai za zhi she  
Description: "Chinese famous brand" magazine by the Xinhua News Agency director, is specialized in brand strategy issue of Business Economics. Since it began, has been dedicated to the research reported the phenomenon of Chinese famous brand in China, spread of good business ideas and promote the creation and protection of Chinese brand-name, display excellent brand image. Through the tireless efforts of all my colleagues, "Chinese famous brand" has been recognized by readers in the industry have a piece of his own sky. "Chinese famous brand" magazine to the Xinhua News Agency as the background, relying on the Xinhua News Agency, the huge information resources and thousands of people in the profession and the authority to issue timely, professional, in-depth information; in public relations activities, it is able to mobilize around the country media, with full interaction between the various media to do the strength. In the "China brand" the tenth anniversary of founding, in order to better development magazine tomorrow, will conduct a comprehensive revision since 2004, will set the authority of the brand consulting, professional, timely, practical in one, the content will be more rich, better-looking.  (Translated by machine.)