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China Anesthesia and Analgesia

ISSN 1526-6508 
Organizer: bian ji wei yuan hui / bian ji bu shan dong da xue qi lu yi yuan  
Description: "China Anesthesia and Analgesia," Journal of charge by the World Medical Research Centre, Hong Kong, China Anesthesia and Analgesia magazine and co-sponsored Affiliated Hospital of Shandong Medical University, the editorial in Shandong Medical University Hospital. Famous poem of Anesthesiology experts should, Professor, Associate Professor Wei-fu class for editor in chief, by nearly 50 famous Professor of Anesthesiology editorial board to ensure that the starting point and high-quality magazine. "China Anesthesia and Analgesia" as the international standard of 16 mo, 80 pages, quarterly. The magazine will be based at home. Both overseas and in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao regions, the main post with the anesthesia-related experimental and clinical studies, intensive monitoring and resuscitation, pain treatment, review papers and case reports, and strive to become fully reflect the domestic and Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao Anesthesiology News of the high level of professional journals. "China Anesthesia and Analgesia," Journal of the whole editorial board and editorial staff will try to run the Department of Medicine, and colleagues enthusiastically welcome community submissions anesthesia.  (Translated by machine.)