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The Research Journal Of China Educational Developm

ISSN 1810-7117 
Organizer: zhong guo guo ji jiao yu xue hui shi jie ke xue jiao yu chu ban she  
Description: "China Education Development Research," Journal of the China Institute of International Education Press and World Science Education, jointly organized the publication and distribution for domestic and international public educational international academic journals. Publication to highlight the education sector in the process of education and teaching in the new theory, new ideas, new methods, and explore in the development of education and teaching new ideas, new features and new experiences for the feature, will actively explore methods and ideas of education reform, in order to better serve the educational reform and development of this major strategic and service in quality education. Articles adhering to the "exchange to promote innovation, and innovation and development" purpose of the magazine, adhere to the quality of the first publication of the Journal, to create an appropriate requirement in the new era of academic exchange platform for the hard work in front of China's education gardener to provide a publication and exchange of academic achievements garden. Welcome to the education sector to actively contribute. (Translated by machine.)