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China Chemical Industry Yearbook

ISSN 1005-3336 
Organizer: zhong guo shi you he hua xue gong ye xie hui  
Publisher: zhong guo hua gong xin xi zhong xin zhong guo hua xue gong ye nian jian bian ji  
Description: "China Chemical Industry Yearbook" by the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association, China National Chemical Information Center publication, is the only featuring the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Development and introduction of the world's chemical industry of the status of important information tool, also published in English, have access to the former Ministry of Chemical Industry Science and Technology Progress Award, Yearbook of the first prize at the central level, the National Petroleum and Chemical Industry outstanding Series Award. "Yearbook" has been founded since 1984, has been continuously published 22 volumes, 2007 edition for the first 23 volumes. This volume is divided into sectors papers (volume) and the Comprehensive articles (scroll down). Industry articles including China Petroleum and Chemical industry development, natural gas, petrochemicals, coal chemicals, basic organic chemical raw materials, basic inorganic chemicals, fine chemicals, chemical fertilizers and pesticides more than 80 major oil and chemical industry, output of products, economic indicators market prices, import and export trade, mainly producers and industry forecasts for details; comprehensive articles, including import and export of chemicals, chemical research, chemical capital markets, the proposed projects under construction chemicals, chemical industry park, provincial chemical industry overview chemical companies introduce foreign chemical profiles, major chemical producing countries (regions) and the development of the industry overview, China Petroleum and Chemical Industry statistics, the foreign oil and chemical industry statistics.  (Translated by machine.)