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Chinese Contemporary Medical Science

ISSN 1810-8755 
Organizer: zhong hua yi xue ke xue yan jiu hui qi kan bu zhong guo dang dai yi xue bian ji wei yuan hui  
Publisher: zhong guo dang dai yi xue bian ji bu  
Description: "Contemporary Chinese Medicine" (Unified ISSN ISSN1810-8755, CN43-8232 / R) magazine is by the Chinese Medical Science Research Council, Committee of Medical Journal Editors contemporary Chinese state-sponsored comprehensive medical and health journal, by the National Science and Technology " Chinese Science and Technology Periodical Database "text included (can be found on their respective websites http://www.cqvip.com Ministry of Science and inquiries). This publication is dedicated to service for the purpose of medical workers, uphold integrity, truth-seeking, pragmatic and innovative approach of running to demonstrate the achievements of medical science to build a platform for academic exchanges and promote the development of medical and health mission, reported that the field of medical and health work research results and experience to enhance the international medical and academic exchanges with high academic quality and authority. The magazine is a fortnightly, large capacity, delivered quickly, and overseas public offering. Publication year for work in the medical and health care colleagues and fans collect people's health medical medical papers. (Translated by machine.)