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ISSN 1006-9224 
Organizer: zhong guo cheng shi fa zhan yan jiu hui  
Publisher: zhong guo cheng shi nian jian she  
Description: Purpose of the magazine: In order to promote the exchange of information between cities and horizontal linkages, and better promote the city's reform and opening up, construction and management for the development of socialist modernization with Chinese characteristics, city services. ★ main audience: city leaders and urban workers, urban theoretical researchers, universities and students, the economy, foreign trade, tourism, planning, investment sector and industry business, and business leaders. ★ title change: "Yearbook of Chinese urban economy and society" (the original), "Yearbook of Chinese Cities" (now) ★ main forum sections: special regulations contained important documents of the city Urban serial issues and thematic overview of the city's comprehensive city leaders a special article, interview City Information City municipal districts and counties and enterprises of township Selected articles selected for inclusion in the domestic press Cities (Translated by machine.)