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ISSN 1008-9586 
Organizer: gong an bian fang zong dui  
Publisher: zhong guo bian fang jing cha za zhi she  
Description: Purpose of the magazine: conscientiously implement the Party and the state border policy, regulations, public security border forces to vigorously promote the construction achievements and deeds of heroes, keep doors enthusiastically eulogize border police, drugs and firearms, fighting smuggling, illegal immigration, protecting the peace and the legend selfless dedication, border security work for the good publicity and public opinion play a role in guiding the journal. ★ main audience: soldiers, policemen. ★ main forum section: frontispiece of the page CSG China Star Chinese border border border Notes on History of Science magazine reviews talk about elite prestige abroad experience feelings of detection of Military Record photo learning and seeking exclusive interview hot olive flavors military construction perspective Marriage and family study and apply laws being a police file telephoto social spiritual civilization like the voice of the military frontier police lookout interesting literary world (Translated by machine.)