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China Health Food

ISSN 1009-7023 
Organizer: zhong guo zhong yi yao ke ji kai fa jiao liu zhong xin  
Publisher: zhong guo bao jian shi pin za zhi she  
Description: Purpose of the magazine: publicize the party and state policies related to health and food regulations; dissemination and exchange of scientific and technological achievements of health food; guide the development of the industry and the popularization of health knowledge. ★ main audience: health care industry, business leaders, technical and management personnel, research and development personnel, marketing personnel, business units, foreign trade, media, and the average family, local library. ★ main forum sections: Policy and Regulation Expert Forum on Health Research and Development garden Something about diet Diet Products Wide News Digest ★ marketing information for contributors Notes: 1, contributions should not exceed 4,000 words, writing should be neat, clear, standardized, with contributions manuscript written or computer printed. 2, the words flowing; chart should be self-evidence, small but efficient, digital processing of the table format should be consistent with statistical requirements. 3, strict compliance with the relevant provisions of the Copyright Law, are responsible for themselves. 4, Editorial deletion of the manuscripts have the right to not want to deletion, please statements. 5, available under the pen name, but the text to indicate after the real name, full address, telephone number, zip code, to contact or pay royalties. 6, online contributions Ibid. 7, the publication will not be rejection, please retention papers. (Translated by machine.)