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Vacuum Science and Technology
2006 Issue 5
Calibration of Ultra-Low Leak Rate with Constant Conductance Technique
li detian~(1*); guo meiru~1; ge min~2; zhang zhouhuan~2; wang zhanzhong~2; liu bo~2 and yang xinmin~21.lanzhou institute of physics; lanzhou; 730000; china; 2.measuring and testing institute under xi an aerospace corporation; xi an; 710100; china
Review of Defects Study of ZnO Films
lin yimei; ye zhizhen~*; chen lanlan; zhu liping and huang jingyun(state key laboratory of silicon materials; zhejiang university; hangzhou; 310027; china)
Vacuum Metallurgy of Al from Bauxite by Carbothermic Reduction-Chlorination
wang pingyan~1; liu mousheng~1 and dai yongnian~(2*)1.faculty of biological and chemical engineering kunming university of science and technology; kunming; 650224; china; 2.institute of vacuum metallurgy and material kunming university of science and technology; kunming; 650093; china
Optical Properties of SiO_2 Films with Nano-silicon Crystal Grains Embedded
zhi zhuangzhi; qi yang~*; yang huazhe and wei wei(institute of material physics and chemistry; northeastern university; shenyang; 110004; china)
Influence of Sputtering Atmosphere on Growth and Characteristics of(Pb_(1-x)Sr_x)TiO_3 Films
wang maoxiang~(*1) and sun pin~21.school of management and engineering; nanjing university; nanjing; 210093; china; 2.university of toronto; toronto; m5s1n4; canada
Simulation of Ti Target Characteristics in TiO_2 Film Growth by Medium Frequency Reactive Magnetron Sputtering
yang yong~1; zhao lai~1; chen xu~1; cha liangzhen~(1*); xu sheng~2 and fan chuizhen~21.department of electronic engineering; tsinghua university; beijing; 100084; china; 2.hivac technology(group)co.ltd; shenzhen; 518057; china
Microstructures of IrO_2 Films Deposited by Pulsed Laser Deposition
gong yansheng~(1; 2); wang chuanbin~1; shen qiang~1 and zhang lianmeng~(*1)(1.state key laboratory of advanced technology for material synthesis and processing; wuhan university of technology; wuhan; 430070; china; 2.school of materials science and chemical engineering china university of geosciences; wuhan; 430074; china)
Blue Photoluminescence of Al_2O_3∶Ce~(3+) Films by Medium Frequency Reactive Magnetron Sputtering
ba dechun~1; liao guojin~(*1; 2); wen lishi~3; liu siming~4 and yan shaofeng~21.faculty of mechanical engineering and automation; northeastern university; shenyang; 110004; china; 2.faculty of mechanical engineering and automation; liaoning institute of industry; jinzhou; 121001; china; 3.department of surface engineering; institute of metal research; chinese academy of science; shenyang; 110016; china; 4.faculty of mechanical engineering and automation; beijing university of aeronautics and astronautics; beijing; 100083; china
Antibacterial Characteristics of Polyethylene Terephthalate Surface-Modified by Silver Ion Implantation
li jianxin~1; wang jin~(*1); shen liru~2; xu zejin~2; chen yan~1; li peng~1 and huang nan~11.lab.of surface engineering of artificial organ of sichuan; key lab.of advancedtechnology for materials of education ministry; southwest jiaotong university; chengdu; 610031; china; 2.southwestern institute of physics; chengdu; 610041; china
Discharge Characteristics of Newly-Developed Shadow Mask Plasma Display Panel in Closed Macroscopic Discharge Cell
jiang youyan; tu yan~*; zhang jian; zheng yaosheng and zhang xiong(college of electronic science and engineering; southeast university; nanjing; 210018; china)
Development of Surface Conduction Electron Emitter Display Cathode
wu kai and li dejie(department of electronic engineering; tsinghua university; beijing; 100084; china)
Spacecraft Contamination Characterization with Time-of-Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry
huang yanhua~1; wang guangpu~1; chen xu~1; zhou chuanliang~2 and cha liangzhen~11.department of electronic engineering; tsinghua university; beijing; 100084; china; 2.beijing institute of spacecraft environment engineering; beijing; 100094; china
Growth of Polyethylene-Oxide-Like Films by RF Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition
zhou meili; chen qiang~*; ge yuanjing(dept.of plasma physics and materials; beijing institute of graphic communication; beijing; 102600; china)
Fabrication and Properties of Double Gated Double Walled Carbon Nanotube Field Effect Transistors
zhang zhenyu; wang sheng; liang xuelei and chen qing~*(key laboratory for physics and chemistry of nanodevices; department of electronics; peking university; beijing; 100871; china)
Improvement of Mechanical Heart Valve with TiN Films Grown on Ti Alloys
qi feng; wang zhihao; zhang qi; yang wenmao; leng yongxiang~* and huang nan(school of materials science and engineering southwest jiaotong university; chengdu; 610031; china)
Influences of Substrate Temperature on Properties of ZGO Thin Films Prepared by Middle-frequency Alternative Magnetron Sputtering
zhao fanghong; zhuang daming~*; zhang gong and ji yangling(department of mechanical engineering; tsinghua university; beijing; 100084; china)
Studies of Diamond-like Carbon Films Deposited on Copper Substrate With Ti/TiC and Si/Si_xN_y Intermediate Layers
wang jing~1; liu guichang~(1*); ji dapeng~1; xu jun~2; deng xinlu~21.school of chemical engineering; dalian; 116012; china; 2.state key laboratory of surface modificationby laser; ion; and electronic beams; dalian university of technology; dalian; 116012; china
Transmittance and Electromagnetic Shielding of ITO Films Deposited at Low Temperature
wu yutao; weng xiaolong; deng longjiang~*state key lab.of electronic thin films and integrated devices; university of electronics science & technology of china; chengdu 610054; china
Vacuum Technology and Equipment in Power Battery Production
niu huixian(beijing research institute for non-ferrous metals; beijing; 100088; china)