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Art China

ISSN 1672-4402 
Organizer: shang hai shu hua chu ban she  
Publisher: yi shu dang dai bian ji bu  
Description: ★ journal situation: "Contemporary Art" adhere to the correct publishing-oriented, concerned about the study and creation of artistic picture at home and abroad, for the prosperity of socialist art market services. "Contemporary Art," consisting of 4 large plates: one, today's point of view; II, art space; three, witnessed the scene; four, News Survey. Four dynamic forum for contemporary art built a solid platform for the display, in a bid on the macro and micro view can be flexible, and accurate information to seize the effects of combining academic and with aging, that have serious academic rationalism , while a positive attitude into the contemporary, which is to highlight the characteristics of publication, "Contemporary Art" is the first time in China in the Chinese art world phenomenon of new media art, female art, Biennale of modern exhibition system, the art market, art sponsorship system and other topics of multi-angle, in the short term to cause a strong reaction at home and abroad. (Translated by machine.)