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Zhe Jiang Ren Da

ISSN 1672-6707 
Organizer: zhe jiang sheng ren da chang wei hui ban gong ting yan jiu shi  
Publisher: zhe jiang ren da bian ji bu  
Description: "National People's Congress of Zhejiang" magazine is the organ of the Standing Committee, Zhejiang Province, is the first full-color printing of the local people's congresses journal, in 2002, created by the press.    "National People's Congress of Zhejiang" magazine firmly grasp the socialist political civilization the main line, closely around the province, the focus of the work of the Standing Committee, to seize the socialist democratic legal system and the NPC hot issues arising in the work, well done all propaganda and reporting tasks. Inception, magazine advertisements continue to expand, promote the quality has improved steadily, publicity radiating further enhanced. (Translated by machine.)