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New Musie New Uision

ISSN 1672-1853 
Organizer: zhong yang dian shi tai wu han chu ban she  
Publisher: xin shi ting bian ji bu  
Description: "New audio-visual" as "the first audio-visual culture of the fashion magazine", it "visual culture" as the banner, manifested in the form of fashion, from the perspective of audio-visual expression of lifestyle and cultural tastes of the public to express a new way of life. "Leading audio-visual fashion, promoting a new audio-visual life" as the core. ★ main audience: 20-40 years old, highly educated white-collar workers of non-music professional or middle class. ★ main forum sections: attitude: Talk on wets to see audio-visual culture Sina life: fashion kitchen drift generation audio-visual audio-visual people: folk music playback fancy look: DJ audio-visual collection of light live music calendar prick (Translated by machine.)