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China Trial

ISSN 1673-5498 
Organizer: ren min fa yuan chu ban she  
Publisher: zhong guo shen pan bian ji bu  
Description: "China's trial" is a monthly charge of by the Supreme People's Court, the spirit of "full and accurate coverage of China and the court trial activities, cultural information quickly pass the legal world," the concept of running to promote the rule of law, promote judicial justice, service trials to show the judge style as the theme, from the Chukan first day to the news with its unique perspective and enrich the contents of the report, the authority of the court guidance and diverse legal and cultural information, points to the domestic legal system the starting point class newsletter operation. "China's trial" is following the "People's Court News" propaganda after another important positions of public opinion, has been widespread concern in the community. Supreme People's Court also specifically "Chinese trial" as an important trial, promotional materials presented to the National People's Congress in the hands of all. (Translated by machine.)