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Journal of Modern Accounting and Auditing

ISSN 1548-6583 
Organizer: usa-china entrepreneur associates, inc., usa 
Description: June 2005, students at Columbia University, Princeton University, Yale University and Harvard University, eastern United States, scholars and experts of China was founded in New York, "Modern Accounting and Auditing" (Journal of Modern Accounting and Auditing, ISSN 1548 -6583, USA). The Journal is monthly, including English and Traditional Chinese. Editorial, publishing and distribution are registered by the U.S. Library of Congress, approved check website: http://catalog.loc.gov or UNESCO http://portal.issn.org. Publications issued in China by the China Book Import and Export (Group) Corporation agent, journals number: 298B0034 (check Web site: http://periodical.cnpeak.com/CatalogFrm.html). Research publications covering accounting, financial and capital market research, auditing and other areas of research and practice. After a year of development, the magazine has with China, more than 60 major universities in the Business School, School of Accountancy has established good relations of cooperation, has become a PhD in Accounting and teachers published an article contending important academic theoretical carrier. Meanwhile, the magazine close attention to China the development of accounting and auditing, accounting and auditing support of China, and actively to show the world the field of accounting and auditing in China the latest research results.  (Translated by machine.)