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Contemporary Military Digest

ISSN 1672-7886 
Organizer: jie fang jun chu ban she  
Publisher: dang dai jun shi wen zhai bian ji bu  
Description: "Contemporary Military Digest" magazine founded in October 2004 (monthly) by the head of the Propaganda Department of the General Political Department, PLA Publishing House, organized the 16 open shaped, 80-page two-color printing, published 1 month, domestic and international public offering. "Contemporary Military Digest" has a wealth of published resources, a wide range of military information, the contents focus on: the latest global military developments, military transformation a strategic perspective and future trends, innovative military thinking and ideas, the latest weapon reviews, wonderful hot topic. The pick of the military theory, Mingrenyishi, historical events, and so carefully compile the classic story, its essence, meta-US text, have a high collection value and practical value. "Contemporary Military Digest" magazine has a "hot topic", "military front", "high", "expert interview", "Army fans world" and other columns are new, high grade, wind Geya, time intensity, called "secondary literature." (Translated by machine.)