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ISSN 1008-5084 
Organizer: jiang xi sheng chu ban zong she  
Publisher: shuang xiu ri za zhi she  
Description: ★ purpose of the magazine: the pursuit of high-grade the quality of life, and create a good and the beautiful living space. ★ title change: "World Press" (the original) "Weekend" (now) ★ main forum section: Forum I: living space, the dynamic cultural concerns, often a new topic to discuss life; Forum II: Players Platform , try the latest entertainment games and understand the stars and behind the scene; Forum III: open secret midnight, the city emotions, thoughts and quietly Red toggle your heartstrings; Forum IV: the history of the United States, together with you through time, space and the spiritual journey; Forum Friday: happy man, to teach you finance and investment, beauty and fitness, to be a fashion sensitivity. (Translated by machine.)