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Digital Petroleum & Chemical

ISSN 1672-4968 
Organizer: zhong guo hua gong qing bao xin xi xie hui  
Publisher: zhong guo hua gong xin xi zhong xin  
Description: Articles Overview: The journal is exclusive coverage of the oil and chemical industry business development professional journals. To introduce the experience of enterprise information, methods and cases to help companies use IT technology to maximize the enterprise's core competitiveness and dedication to the chemical companies and IT service providers to build bridges of communication platforms and responsibility. ★ main readers: petroleum, petrochemical and chemical companies in charge of information technology decision-making, corporate information centers, technology centers and technical personnel in charge; and computer hardware and software, automated instrumentation vendors and IT service providers. ★ title change: "Chemical Statistics and Information" (the original), "Digital Chemical Industry" (January 2003 - present) ★ main audience: Cover hot digital investigation cases brand experts online business e frontier Search Global Aspect of Competitive Advisory Support Information unlock the Statistics and Information (Translated by machine.)