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Calligraphy and Painting

ISSN 1000-6214 
Organizer: shang hai shu hua chu ban she  
Publisher: shu yu hua bian ji bu  
Description: ★ purpose of the magazine: guidance painting enthusiasts, beginners to learn Chinese painting and calligraphy, enhance arts appreciation, adhere to the plain, scientific, lively, varied approach, specific, popular, systematic introduction to calligraphy, painting, and seal the entry of basic techniques knowledge, to explain the exercises, the creation of professional lectures, delivered exemplary masterpieces and growth in the exercises, and select the road to introduce their art. ★ main forum section: famous paintings focus on the aspect elaborate Mingtie Star today show for Art Gallery Art of Writing Galleries trace Tracing the critical line of the Kan Lu beans even write about India and Leisure (Translated by machine.)