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World Military Affairs

ISSN 1002-4891 
Organizer: xin hua she jie fang jun fen she  
Publisher: shi jie jun shi za zhi she  
Description: ★ journal Overview: This publication describes the main international military situation, both on the forefront of tracking the world's military revolution, but also on the Review of the history of human warfare. Tracking the latest news, reveal the deep background, history tells the story of the war to predict the future is the consistent policy and purpose of the publication. Publication of the charm comes from its unique perspective of the war concerns the performance of the military world and its special style. It is a door that leads to war and military hard-core, leading to every desire strong desire to grow up, sharpen the pain of people eager soul ... ... ★ main forum sections: special attention to foreign militaries around the military odd glimpse of magic tour of military background characters wide debate about military history of a famous war wars weapons lens family (Translated by machine.)