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ISSN 1007-0052 
Organizer: zhong guo she hui ke xue yuan shi jie jing ji yu zheng zhi yan jiu suo  
Publisher: shi jie jing ji nian jian bian wei hui  
Description: ★ magazine profile: "World Economic Yearbook" is a world economic conditions, trends in world economic development study, tracking the world, the development of various economic sectors and introduction of domestic and foreign enterprises (companies) a large practical tool. The book is authoritative, scholarly, practical, and readable. Is the only one devoted to the annual world economy. "Yearbook of World Economy," with her unique style of record economic prosperity of the world, perception of the international market situation, she helped industrialists, academics and officials interpret the rules the world market, grasp the pulse of the global economy, transfer overseas Business, logistics business strategy. After 15 years of efforts, China's accession to the WTO, "World Economic Yearbook" is a window to understand the world is a bridge between enterprises into the international arena, is a valuable database of the world economy. ★ main forum section: The main content: comprehensive report on the world economy; national and regional economies; International (regional) economic organization; world industry; world agriculture; world trade; international finance; world science and technology; the world tourism industry; the world's environmental protection; countries (regions) business; Chinese and foreign business enterprises; the window of the Chinese economy; statistical compilation of the world economy, world economy, such as Wikipedia. ★ Advertising: 16 On cross-color color a 10,000 yuan 18,000 yuan two black and white version of a title page a 15,000 yuan to 3,000 yuan Advertising Tel :010 -65137744-5779 (Translated by machine.)