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Practical New Medicine

ISSN 1185-1672 
Organizer: zhong guo yi yao qing bao zhuan ye wei yuan hui  
Publisher: shi yong xin yi xue bian ji bu  
Description: "Practical new medical" journals and "practical new medicine," Journal of Cultural Studies, Department of Elderly Chinese medicine competent medical committee. Information from the Professional Committee of Chinese Medicine. Is a comprehensive, international medical journals. Standard Serial Number: ISSN1185-1672/CN61-5507/R, monthly, large 16 mo, 96 pages. Practical series of core journals, Journal of Northwest excellent, "Chinese core journals (selection) database" contains journals, "China Academic Journal" included journals, "China Academic Journal (CD) contains full-text journals", "Chinese Science and Technology Information Directory - - Medical Health Information Network "," Chinese Medical Journal Database "," Chinese Chief Medical Network "text included. "Practical New Medicine" magazine following: "carry out the Party and the country's health policies reflect the significant progress of clinical research, and promote academic exchanges at home and abroad medicine," the journal policy. Purpose of the magazine: "carry forward the traditional medicine to promote clinical academic exchange, scientific research published in the medical field and clinical experience" and concerns of medical research while promoting the development of technology to help health workers to update their knowledge, strengthen the authors and readers between the bridges. Workers for medical research and clinical research results and to provide more academic carrier. Articles Category: Debates and exploration, monographs, monographs, review, exchange of experiences, integrative medicine, clinical care, testing and clinical, imaging and clinical, health management, technology improvement, case reports, preventive medicine, drug and clinical, translation, health education, clinical case discussion, the foreign medical Zhishi Chuang, emergency medicine, cancer medicine, Chinese medicine, teaching rounds, warning recorded misdiagnosis, clinical countermeasures. Contributors are welcome to medical workers, Comments. The entire staff of the editorial department is willing to join hands with you. With your help, guidance, and common good "practical New Medicine" magazine. We are determined to live up to the majority of our expectations.  (Translated by machine.)