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Journal of Practical Parasitic Diseases

ISSN 1005-2534 
Organizer: si chuan sheng ji sheng chong bing fang zhi yan jiu suo  
Publisher: shi yong ji sheng chong bing za zhi bian ji bu  
Description: Parasitic diseases journal of medical science for the academic journals, domestic and international public offering, the main audience for the parasitic disease control, researchers, mainly reports of serious harm to people's health, parasitic disease control practices, research, and prevention are closely related Study of basic theory and practice. Publication since 1999, joined the "China Academic Journal (CD)" medical and health series, adding China Journal Net (website: http://www.cnki.net), and Articles Digital Periodicals network (website: http://www.chinainfo/gov.co/periodical). All copies. In addition to text version was published, but also the published using the above three ways. Since publication in April 2001 joined the Chinese Preventive Medical Association Journal, of Cigao welcome. (Translated by machine.)