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Practical Measurement Technology

ISSN 1006-317X 
Organizer: zhong guo ce shi ji shu yan jiu yuan  
Description: "Measurement Technology of China," founded in 1975, domestic and foreign public offering, set national multi-industry, multi-field, multi-disciplinary technical features as one of the test professional academic journals. Of the Journal of Chinese scientific papers Source Journals (core journals Science and Technology of China), "China Journal Database", "China Science and Technology Journal Database" and included a number of authorities. "Measurement Technology of China," to test theory-driven technology to test the exchange of technology, focusing on the development of cutting-edge discipline tracking test areas, test interpretation and practical application of theoretical methods essence, periodicals have: a review and research reports, national standards-based research, measurement and calibration verification testing, product quality and standards of research, computer and information technology, instrumentation and sensing technology, chemical analysis and bio-technology, engineering, testing and control technology and other columns. Published on the authority of experts focus on trends and cutting-edge testing technology and our dynamic articles or interview; all areas and at all professional in the testing of new methods, new technologies, new means of research and application of article; the same time around the Government is very concerned about energy conservation, environmental protection, safety, health, sustainable development, many problems, rolling carry motor vehicles, medical equipment, mine fields, public environment, food and agricultural product safety testing and discussion of thematic studies. Publication of academic research and technology financing for one, reported in a timely manner, information content, covering a broad area, is the transmission of information, good communication media. "Measurement Technology of China," is a bimonthly, big 16 format, 30 monthly publication, domestic and foreign public offering. National post office issued a Code 62-260,, Price: 15 yuan / volumes, the annual price 90 yuan (RMB). (Translated by machine.)