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Life Info

ISSN 1008-8776 
Organizer: zhong guo qing nian za zhi she  
Publisher: sheng huo zi xun za zhi she  
Description: ★ journal Overview: lifestyle magazine is a large class of bi-weekly service, and pioneered the Fragrance Journal. Her appeal to the city level and strong consumer spending active layer, she insisted, "Information + fashion + life personal services," the purpose of the magazine, the "best of the depth of the special planning, leading the fashion trend of life, the characters unique perspective reports, detailed and thorough Information Information "and several pages, to do all of modern urban life, three-dimensional coverage, illustrated, easy humor, middle-aged white-collar workers are working, living, leisure assistant, consultant and tools. It also provides businesses with a full range of advertising carrier. ★ main forum section: Special planning fashion online at the same time a beautiful woman I love people BODY city faces the cover of Star People Service themes pioneer the digital age Xiangche alternative talented people dream about the house gods happy mouth Quartet pet companion online book club, youth bi-weekly editorial calendar (Translated by machine.)