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Journal of University of Jinan (Science and Technology)

ISSN 1671-3559 
Organizer: ji nan da xue  
Description: "Jinan University (Natural Science Edition)" by the Shandong Provincial Education Department director, Jinan University's comprehensive academic journal Science (quarterly). Main sections: Foundation of papers, research papers, research presentations. Issue related to materials science, information and control, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, civil construction and infrastructure disciplines new theories, new ideas, new technologies, new processes, new equipment, new materials, academic papers. The "Foundation paper," a collection of the latest research results, "research brief" notice of the ongoing research of the initial core results. Fund to ensure the principle of priority dispatch starting on outcomes of the right and timeliness. Publication is the "China Chemical Abstracts Inorganic Analysis", "China Chemical Chemical Abstracts", "China Chemical Abstracts database," Russia "Digest Magazine" (AJ), "Chemical Abstracts" (CA) and other major search periodicals at home and abroad, as Chinese Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Database source journals, Wanfang Data (China Info) system technology Periodicals, "Chinese Science" (CD) first compiled into journals. (Translated by machine.)