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People's Police

ISSN 1004-7506 
Organizer: shang hai shi gong an ju  
Description: Good at capturing the focus of social order, hot, excitement, work contagious, attractive and fresh feeling. Appropriate authorities, industry enterprises, schools, urban, rural and other sectors of the community to read. A whole society famous best-selling publications at home and abroad the only time a major and important cases the authority of the publications reported a detailed disclosure of the police legal publications legendary "People's Police" magazine by the Shanghai Public Security Bureau director, founded in 1949 July 7, Marshal Chen Yi wrote the title. The first issue by the National Heritage Board as the national level cultural relics. Half a century, "the people's police" has been awarded an excellent journal in East China and the Ministry of Public Security Shield Best Newspaper Award; 2001 by the Central Propaganda Department, Press and Publication Administration as a "Chinese Journal Square" and "double effect" magazines; 2002 won the National Press and Publication Administration, "National Journal Award hundred key journals"; People magazine many times by the police unit in charge of recognition, awards, and won a first group of Public Security. "People's Police" financial news, documentary, literature in one set of social hot spots, police altar anecdotes, legendary detective, were selected as a case. The main sections are: "Police Tan celebrities," "major cases" "Legend Detectives," "out of court," "social hot spots," "Sword and Shield Literature," "prize game" "family and marriage file" "Oriental detective" ... ... authoritative and readable publications to have a wide readership. In the online survey by the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences and random questionnaires to the public, the legal system is recommend as the most popular magazines. Each submitted to the central leadership of Reading. Annual circulation of more than 200 million copies, distributed in China and more than 20 countries and regions. Consolidation in 2003, the national press, due to the quality of its journal publications are the conditions and one-upmanship, was recommended as the authorities continue to journal, issue one of the few publications.  (Translated by machine.)