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women world

ISSN 1728-7545 
Organizer: zhong guo jing ji gong ye chu ban she  
Description: "Woman world" is a reader located in the college or community level, there are certain income and social status of white-collar workers, Jinling other women, with a practical, instructive fashion Comprehensive journals. "Focus to the beauty of women, leading the fashion trend" for the purpose of the magazine. For the magazine, the monthly 5 Chukan, for the country (including Hong Kong, Macao) issued. "Woman world" magazine to an international perspective, the most cutting-edge fashion information transfer, with the most popular way of life of a thorough interpretation of trends, reported in the reader a unique and enterprises set up by a passing fashion information bridge. Involved in the cover of urban women concerned about beauty salons, cosmetics, jewelry, women's health, clothing apparel, automotive, real estate, home decoration, entertainment, franchising and other fields, and professional trends, and daily life guidance unique graphic design and fine, a consumer guide of choice for the modern women's fashion publications. (Translated by machine.)