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Rural Eco-Environment
2016 Issue 4
Index of Biotic Integrity and Its Application to Aquatic Ecological Health Assessment
WANG Wei-mu;CAI Wang-wei;College of Water Conservancy and Hydropower Engineering;Hohai University;Key Laboratory of Efficient Irrigation-Drainage and Agricultural Soil-Water Environment in Southern China;Ministry of Education;Hohai University;
Researches on Effects of Type of Biochar Amended on CH4 Emissions From Paddy Soil: A Review
LIU Jie-yun;QIU Hu-sen;SHEN Jian-lin;TANG Hong;WANG Cong;School of Environment and Surveying Engineering;Suzhou University;Key Laboratory of Agro-Ecological Processes in Subtropical Region;Institute of Subtropical Agriculture;Chinese Academy of Sciences;
A Review of Study on Bioaccumulation and Biomagnification of Persistent Organic Pollutants in Terrestrial Food Chain Using Modeling Method
WANG Xue-li;GAO Hong;College of Earth Environment Sciences;Lanzhou University;Gansu Key Laboratory for Environmental Pollution and Control;
Influence of Changes in Land Use/Cover on Carbon Effect in Chang-Zhu-Tan Urban Agglomeration
LI Tao;YANG Zhi-jian;GAN De-xin;WANG Zhi-yuan;CHEN Xi;QI Zeng-xiang;College of Biological Science and Technology;Hunan Agricultural University;College of Design and Art;University of South China;Biological Research Institute of Chenzhou;
Cultural Background,Eco-Environment Awareness and Pesticide Application Behavior of Farmers
GONG Ji-hong;HUANG Meng-si;MA Yu-shen;SUN Jian;Department of Sociology;Huazhong Agricultural University;College of Economics and Management;Huazhong Agricultural University;
Trends of Potential Evapotranspiration in Jiangxi Province and Formation of Evaporation Paradox
LU Xiang-hui;BAI Hua;MU Xing-min;YANG Wen-li;College of Water and Ecology Engineering;Nanchang Institute of Technology;Soil and Water Conservation and Ecological Environment Research Center;Chinese Academy of Sciences and Ministry of Education;
Analysis and Diagnosis of Changes in Annual Runoff in Kuye River Valley in North Shaanxi
WU Xi-jun;LI Huai-en;SUN Zhi-yong;DONG Ying;Department of Architecture Engineering;Yulin University;State Key Laboratory Base of Eco-Hydraulic in Arid Area/Institute of Water Resources and Hydro-Electric Engineering;Xi’ an University of Technology;Department of Energy Engineering;Yulin University;
Simulation of Pollution Control Effect in the Weihe River Valley With SWAT Model
DU Juan;LI Huai-en;ZHAO Xiang-bi;LI Jia-ke;Department of Architectural Engineering;Yulin University;Key Laboratory of Northwest Water Resource and Environment Ecology of Ministry of Education;Xi’an University of Technology;
Utilization of Nitrogen in Wastewater Low in Pollution Degree in Paddy Fields and Its Effect on Reducing Fertilizer Application in Tai Lake Region
MA Zi-hou;XUE Li-hong;PAN Fu-yan;XU Shan-shan;GAO Qian;YANG Lin-zhang;College of Resources and Environmental Sciences;Nanjing Agricultural University;Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences;Institute of Soil Science;Chinese Academy of Sciences;University of Chinese Academy of Sciences;
Study on Eco-Compensation Standard for Remediation of Heavy Metal Polluted Farmland With CVM: A Case Study of the Dahuanjiang River Valley,Guangxi
YAN Jun;ZHANG Xue-hong;JIANG Min-min;DING Yang;CHEN Tong-bin;LI Hai-xiang;College of Environmental Science and Engineering;Guilin University of Technology;Center for Environmental Remediation;Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research;Chinese Academy of Sciences;
Loading of Non-Point Source Pollution of Rural Domestic Waste in Paihe River Valley
BAI Yu-fang;WU Ke;WU Dong-biao;CHEN Jun;SONG Zao-ming;GONG Chen;Department of Biological and Environmental Engineering;Hefei University/Collaborative Innovation Center for Environmental Pollution Prevention and Ecological Rehabilitation of Anhui Province;Anhui Urban Construction Design & Research Institute Co.Ltd.;
Change in Vegetation Cover as Affected by Grain for Green Project in Gansu
HU Chun-yan;WEI Wei;WANG Xiao-feng;CHEN Li-ding;CHEN Xiao-ni;JI Yuan-zu;State Key Laboratory of Urban and Regional Ecology;Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences;Chinese Academy of Sciences;School of Earth Sciences and Resources;Chang’an University;Office of the Returning Farmland to Forest Project in Gansu Province;Academy of Forestry in Gansu Province;
Effects of Decomposing Walnut(Juglans regia) Leaf Litter on Growth,Photosynthesis and Resistance Physiology of Three Recipient Plants
ZHANG Ru-yi;HU Hong-ling;HU Ting-xing;YANG Li-mei;SHU Lan;RUAN Ruo-yu;College of Forestry;Sichuan Agricultural University;Neijiang City Academy of Agricultural Sciences;
Variation of Mechanical Composition,Nutrition and Microbial Activity of Alpine Meadow Soil in Greenhouses With Cultivation Age on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
XIE Qing-yan;ZHANG Meng-yao;GAO Yong-heng;Key Laboratory of Mountain Environment Evolution and Its Regulation;Institute of Chengdu Mountain Hazards and Environment;Chinese Academy of Sciences;College of Resources and Environmental Sciences;University of Chinese Academy of Sciences;
Changes in Microbial Functional Diversity and Enzyme Activity in Soil During Cherry Sapling Cultivation
SI Peng;SHAO Wei;YU Hui-li;QIAO Xian-sheng;GAO Deng-tao;WANG Zhi-qiang;YANG Jian;Zhengzhou Institute of Fruit Research;Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences;
Spatio-Temporal Distribution of Soil Microbial Biomass Carbon and Nitrogen in Three Types of Urban Forest Soils in Shanghai
WANG Juan-juan;ZHU Sha;JIN Shi-ke;ZHANG Qi;YOU Wen-hui;School of Ecological and Environmental Sciences;East China Normal University;Shanghai Key Laboratory of Urbanization and Ecological Restoration;
Effects of Irrigation Frequency on Water and Salt Movement in Greenhouse Soil
LIU Tao;WU Xuan;ZHENG Zi-cheng;LI Ting-xuan;College of Resources;Sichuan Agricultural University;Agriculture Bureau of Shifang;
Release of Pollutants With Rainfall-Triggered Runoff From Different Underlying Surfaces in Villages Typical of Yixing
WANG Chu-qiao;CHEN Rou-jun;WU Lei;SONG Hai-liang;FAN Zhong-bao;LIU Qiu-ju;LI Xian-ning;School of Energy and Environment;Southeast University;
Translocation and Transformation of Phosphorus in Rainwater Runoff in the Bio-Retention System
FENG Cui-min;CAI Zhi-wen;MI Nan;ZHANG Ya-jun;QIAN Hong-liang;Key Laboratory of Urban Stormwater System &Water Environment;Ministry of Education;Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture;China Mobile Group Design Institute Co.Ltd.;Beijing General Municipal Engineering Design & Research Institute Co.Ltd.;
Effects of Application of Swine Farm Wastewater Coupled With Chemical Fertilizer on Water,Soil and Crop
ZHANG Xin-liang;Shanghai Academy of Environmental Sciences;
Effects of Decomposed Cattle Dung Coupled With Inorganic Soil Ameliorants on Speciation and Bioavailability of Cadmium in Paddy Soil
YANG Lan;LI Bing;WANG Chang-quan;GUO Yong;XIAO Rui;ZHANG Qing-pei;ZHENG Shun-qiang;College of Resources;Sichuan Agricultural University;Jinyang Agricultural Bureau of Sichuan Province;
Effects of Organic Manure on Growth of Potato and Soil Enzyme Activity in Soils Polluted With Pb and Cd
WANG Pei-pei;ZHENG Shun-lin;WAN Nian-xin;ZHAO Ting-ting;HE Cai-lian;YUAN Ji-chao;College of Agronomy;Sichuan Agricultural University;Key Laboratory of Southwest Crop Cultivation;
Pollution of Antibiotics Resistant Genes in Farmland Amended With Livestock Organic Manure
ZHANG Lan-he;WANG Jia-jia;GAO Min;QIU Tian-lei;HAN Mei-lin;WANG Xu-ming;College of Chemical Engineering;Northeast Dianli University;Beijing Agro-Biotechnology Research Center;
Case Study On Ex-situ Remediation of Chlorobenzene-Like Volatile Organic Compounds(VOCs) Contaminated Soil With Technique of Low-Temperature Thermal Desorption
WANG Xiang-hui;ZHU Xin;LONG Tao;DENG Shao-po;LIN Yu-suo;HU Tao;Shanghai SUS Environment Co.Ltd;Nanjing Institute of Environmental Sciences;Ministry of Environmental Protection;Nanjing Yanziji Regulation& Development Co.Ltd;
Effect of Decomposed Rice Straw Solution on AgNP Uptake by Rice Roots
LI Min;SONG Yin-ling;DANG Fei;WANG Yu-jun;ZHOU Dong-mei;College of Environmental Science and Engineering;Suzhou University of Science and Technology;Key Laboratory of Soil Environment and Pollution Remediation;Institute of Soil Science;Chinese Academy of Sciences;
A New Method for Determining Activity of CMEPA Hydrolase
WANG Fei;LI Zhou-kun;DONG Wei-liang;CUI Zhong-li;Jiangxi Engineering Laboratory for the Development and Utilization of Agricultural Microbial Resources/College of Bioscience and Bioengineering;Jiangxi Agricultural University;Key Laboratory of Microbiological Engineering Agricultural Environment;Ministry of Agriculture/College of Life Science;Nanjing Agricultural University;
Response of Phenol Oxidase in Plant to in Vitro Induction of Contaminant of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons
YANG Zhen-ya;LU Xiao-dan;GAO Yan-zheng;Jiangsu Key Laboratory of Environmental Engineering;Jiangsu Provincial Academy of Environmental Science;Institute of Organic Contaminant Control and Soil Remediation;Nanjing Agricultural University;