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Journal of Nanjing Railway Medical College

ISSN 1001-7275 
Organizer: nan jing tie dao yi xue yuan  
Description: Publication formerly known as the "Nanjing Railway Medical College," founded in 1960, ceased publication in 1964, 1983, to resume publication. Resume publication of a former, Volume 1, reopened after the roll up from the No. 2 continuous Chukan for the biannual. Since 1987, a quarterly in 1989, approved for public release. As with the Southeast University, Nanjing Railway Medical College merged in September 2001 of change for the current title in 2003 to bimonthly. Publication is now in charge by the Ministry of Education, Southeast University, organized as a comprehensive medical journals, publishes basic medicine, clinical medicine, medical imaging, public health and other aspects of the research results, exchange of experiences, new techniques and methods, case reports, and Review and so on. (Translated by machine.)