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Journal of US-China Public Administration

ISSN 1548-6591 
Organizer: usa-china entrepreneur associates, inc., usa 
Description: "US-China Public Administration" (Journal of US-China Public Administration, ISSN 1548-6591, USA) in December 2004 by the students at Columbia University, Princeton University, Yale University and Harvard University, eastern China, the United States scholars and experts in New York was founded. Monthly publication, including English and Traditional Chinese. Editorial, publishing and distribution are registered by the U.S. Library of Congress, for approval. Query URL: http://catalog.loc.gov, or UNESCO: http://portal.issn.org. Publications issued in China by the China Book Import and Export (Group) Corporation agent, journals number: 337B0103 (check Web site: http://periodical.cnpeak.com/CatalogFrm.html). Publications positive public administration in China to show the world the latest research results, concerns the development of Chinese public administration, public management support of China, has become China's public management experts and scholars have expressed the importance of academic media articles, public management in China Famous Scholars contend provide an important theoretical positions had an impact at home and abroad.  (Translated by machine.)