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Liaoning Pharmacy and Clinical Remedies

ISSN 1007-9858 
Organizer: liao ning sheng yao xue hui zhong guo yi ke da xue di er lin chuang xue yuan  
Description: The Journal is the Pharmaceutical Society of Liaoning Province, China Medical University Hospital, co-sponsored Shengjing, domestic and international public offering comprehensive academic journal of Pharmacy. Magazine is a monthly, large 16 mo, 64 yards, 10 bi-monthly publication, Youfadaihao :8-36. Publication to popularization and improvement of the Journal of Hospital Pharmacy for the purpose. This publication has special conversation by writing columns, of the drug and the clinical, pharmacy, medication safety, review, pharmaceutical research, short reports, pharmacy management and drug administration regulations, the literature analysis. Magazine readership includes clinical staff of the very hospitals, pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies, medical research institutes and drug inspection department of the technical staff. (Translated by machine.)