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Friends of Women

ISSN 1002-400X 
Organizer: hei long jiang sheng fu nv lian he hui  
Publisher: fu nv zhi you za zhi she  
Description: "Friends of Women" magazine, is a large comprehensive journal for women. Founded in March 8, 1982. "Women Friends" Founded 20 years, always adhere to the "promotion of women to society, to promote women in society," the purpose of the magazine, the party's four cardinal principles and reform and opening. Implement a comprehensive publicity, while the party's principles and policies, and actively guide the masses of women to join the socialist construction, the establishment of a civilized, healthy and scientific way of life. Meanwhile, the firm implementation of the "women from the more recent past again," the report policy, adhere to the masses of services for women, for family services for the life of service, received good results, the masses of women to truly become a mentor, a family and life consultant. (Translated by machine.)