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forging & metalforming

ISSN 1672-5638 
Organizer: zhong guo duan ya xie hui  
Description: "Forging and Stamping" magazine is sponsored by the China Association of forging a modern industry, the media, but also in each of China's Association for forging forging, stamping industry organizations, major international conferences, international forging exhibition, international board (of) material forming exhibitions and a dozen small meetings, the only designated special promotional media, the same time, "Forging and Stamping" both tracking report by the China Association for forging large-scale industries to participate in various international activities, but also an active interest in domestic forging, stamping the latest developments in the industry. "Forging and Stamping" magazine fully adopt market-oriented mode of operation, highlighting for the reader service, customer service and advertising services to the business of philosophy to the principle of forward-looking and authoritative body plan and adopt draft of soliciting contributions, and truly "Forging and Stamping" magazine into a "Forging and Stamping industry leading information service level? quot; is the staff editorial to every reader's solemn commitment. As a barometer of forging industry, changes in the market benchmark, China Forging Association, the "forging and stamping," has its own unique distribution channels and market advantage. "Forging and Stamping," the readers are mainly within the forging industry, business and corporate decision makers, government departments and industry experts, while concerned about the development of forging and stamping industry community in the development of ideas for the magazine offer power. (Translated by machine.)