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ISSN 1671-8186 
Organizer: ji xie gong ye xin xi yan jiu yuan zhong guo ji suan ji yong hu xie hui cad/cam fen hui  
Publisher: cad/cam yu zhi zao ye xin xi hua bian ji bu  
Description: "CAD / CAM and Manufacturing Information," Journal of Science and Technology by the State Department, the State Administration of Machinery Industry, Mechanical Science and Technology Information Institute, China Computer Users Association CAD / CAM co-sponsored by the National Committee of the core technology magazines. Officially inaugurated in October 1994, the domestic and international public offering. Magazine to raise the level of enterprise applications, tracking hot topics, market reports for the distinctive characteristics of the dynamic, lively and timely reflection of CAD / CAM / CAPP / ERP latest developments in the field of . Is currently the only professional magazine CAD field. Covers two aspects of the manufacturing and IT industry, the content informative. Contents include: domestic and international CAD / CAE / CAM technology development and trends; engineering design, manufacturing of computer applications such as CAD, CAE, CAPP, CAM, CIMS technology development and applications; the Commission, the Ministry of Local CAD application engineering and industrial policies; enterprise application experience; technique analysis and discussion; personnel training and information (Translated by machine.)